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iphone & ipad repairs

get it fixed in 15 minutes

iPhone & Ipad Repair

Every year Apple introduces new devices. Is your current device slow, cracked, does not power on, or does not charge? No need to go and buy a new phone, come see us and we will make it as good as new!

iphones from $45

ipads from $79

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android phones & tablets

don't buy new, get it fixed

Android Samsung Phone Repair

Samsung mobile phone repair and all mobile phone repair. The makers of your device need you to buy new to keep their wallet fat. Bring your device to us and keep more money in your wallet. We can fix any issue, we carry all the parts - we have the experience. Save money. Call now!

as low as $59

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MAC & PC Laptops

data recovery & system restore

Apple & PC Laptop Repair

Component level repair gives us the ability to repair laptops that otherwise would be thrown out at the advice of inexperienced techs. Your data might not be lost, just temporarily inaccessible. Bring the hard drive or the entire laptop to us for repair and personal files recovery.

starting from $79

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micro soldering

#1 in the Tri-County Area

Micro Soldering

Micro soldering requires experience and precision. This is the highest level in electronic repair. Most techs can't do what we do. Were you told your device can't be fixed? Bring it to us, we can fix it. State-of-the-art equipment to handle any electronic repair. We are experts.

as low as $59

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why choose us?

master technicians


Over 2 Decades of experience. In house trained technicians. Support all types of Manufactured devices.

same day service


No need for appointments! GadgetDrop provides a fast repair solution for a walk in customers most jobs are completed in minutes or the same business day.

low price guarantee


Price match or beat any competitors advertised prices and quality! The best prices on replacement devices guaranteed!

common mobile phone, tablet & computer repairs

  • broken glass
  • Broken LCD screen
  • Draining battery fast
  • Battery replacement
  • Camera not working
  • Remove password
  • No Wi-Fi signal
  • No loud speaker audio
  • No ringer or alerts
  • Liquid damage
  • no power
  • Button or key pad
  • Shortage
  • Touch freeze
  • Not charging
  • Data recovery
  • Reinstall iOS
  • Broken charger port
  • Dropping calls
  • Losing signal
  • Not reading Sim Card
  • Micro Soldering
  • Backlight logic
  • Chiplevel repair
  • FPC Connector
  • Reframe
  • Bootloop “Softbrick"
  • Remove pattern lock
  • Not calling out
  • Rear cover

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repairing electronic devices since 1992

iPhones & iPads

  • component level repair
  • micro soldering
  • any apple device repaired
  • we have most parts in stock
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Android Devices

  • component level repair
  • micro soldering
  • we can fix any phone
  • don't buy new, get it fixed
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MAC & PC Laptops

  • component level repair
  • micro soldering
  • data recovery on any device
  • wholesale accounts welcome
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GadgetDrop Gadget Drop Master technicians have over 25 years of combined industry knowledge and experience in repairing all types of mobile devices and logic boards this means that we provide more successful repairs!

buy, sell & trade

If you have any electronics laying around in a drawer and you're looking to get some cash, please call us today, let us triage the device and see what the value and dollar amount you can receive.

About Gadget Drop
  • iPhones - All versions any condition - get paid.
  • Android Phones - Bring in your device for cash.
  • iPads, iPods, Tablets of all sorts - recycled.
  • Most laptops, MAC or PC - get paid cash.